Private Dinner Gala, March 19, 2016

POSEIDONIA Events 2016
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Private Dinner Gala, March 19, 2016

Based on the wide range of personalised services, our company was entrusted with organising a private dinner gala in the amazing ambience of a renowned bar restaurant – “ARK” – by the Athenian coast, best known as the Asteras, in Glyfada.

Our clients had the pleasure of enjoying a memorable evening with their guests, with a mouth watering menu and a backdrop of probably the best view of the Southern suburbs of Athens and a five star service, which was succesfully put together by our specialised team in cooperation with the amazing staff of the restaurant in question.

In view of the International Shipping Exhibition this year, widely known as the Posidonia , a number of similar events have already been booked for the occasion.
We would like to take this opportunity and remind our dear clients that time is of essence; due to the high demand for events on those particular days, the sooner one starts to organise, the better!

Our experienced team are well and ready to help out with various personalised options oranising an event, giving each and every one of our clients exactly what they need for the occasion.
Mini cruises for the day or more, as well as business conferences are also part of our “menu”!


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