Jolyon Palmer column: Sebastian Vettel the right winner for Ferrari

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By Jolyon Palmer
Former Renault driver and BBC Radio 5 Live commentator
Former F1 driver Jolyon Palmer, who left Renault during the 2017 year, provides analysis and insight from the perspective of the competitors and is part of the BBC team.
Sebastian Vettel badly needed a win after a drought becoming one, and extending back more than a year ago – if it came about in situations that were fortunate – would have done wonders for his confidence.
The race afforded the ideal outcome for Ferrari – a self indulgent – and most likely the perfect sequence for them as well, whether that was intentional or not.
All year the pressure has been mounting on Vettel, however it is now intense since Formula 1 returned from the summer break, since Charles Leclerc took victories in Italy and Belgium and Vettel made the hottest at Monza.
For Ferrari, this’ upside might be enormous.
Ultimately, following the race, Vettel was smiling again at Singapore. He looked back to his best concerning race functionality and drove once out front.
The assurance he could take from hushing a few critics and ending his drought of victories must offer a boost going to Russia this weekend to him.
And if Vettel can now react and also raise the bar inside the team greater, functionality can be found by the whole Ferrari team in it.
With the most recent end continuing their sweep of races since the summer break , they are marking out themselves for next calendar year, then as a hazard to the Mercedes dominance, even if not for 2019 along with serious contenders.
Nothing concentrates the mind as your team-mate doing a job that is much better than you. It is the benchmark – somebody who has the same gear who is finally performing to a degree that is greater.
It means you dig deeper and find. And now Vettel is needing to do this on the normal basis.
After years of beating ease against former team-mate Kimi Raikkonen, Vettel would have been imagining he got the maximum from the car. However, Leclerc has arrived and the bar was raised.
Vettel had shown signs ahead of the race in Singapore he had increased his game. The speed was also set by him in non on the runs – and it was Leclerc who had to go out and do better to take rod, which he did on the ragged edge using a lap right.
Vettel’s race was powerful, but he wants to be from the start to take chances in the front, at circuits where the race rate will not be measured and reduced as it had been in Singapore.
He wouldn’t have won this one had Ferrari or Mercedes implemented race plans that were better. Leclerc ought to have won, from Vettel and Hamilton, since they began the race and had qualified.
The fact Vettel won and not Leclerc came as a consequence of several activities from Ferrari and Mercedes.
People will point to the reality that Ferrari turned into a one-three to a one-two. Like genius, this looks on paper .
However, if Hamilton if Ferrari pitted Vettel had been collaborated by Mercedes – as Hamilton asked them to perform – then Hamilton would have won the race, and Ferrari might have looked stupid for never pitting Leclerc to cover the race lead off.
In Singapore, with everybody measuring their pace in the front to look after the tyres, the teams are all looking for a gap to open up back in the field, so that they could pitput on new tyres and run in clear air at their own speed. Do this correctly, and you will emerge ahead of you someone who pits afterwards than you personally, and win the race.
That is what Ferrari did with the concept of getting him, with Vettel. But Mercedes must have done exactly the same then Hamilton would have won the race.
Vettel would not have got ahead of Hamilton, and it might have been Hamilton that leapfrogged Leclerc.
Second, Ferrari did not tell Leclerc that Vettel had pitted. Had he known, Leclerc would have stayed before his team-mate and would have been in a position to raise his pace. This was a source of frustration for your child after the race.
However, Ferrari, in their own defence, didn’t anticipate Vettel to discover more than the 3.5 moments he needed to leap Leclerc in only one lap.
Ferrari did the obvious thing to pit the lap following Vettel. However, Vettel had put in a, with all of his experience to know how the phase of the race can be, and emerged ahead.
At this point Hamilton might have pitted and covered off Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, that ran behind him. However, because he had already lost ground Mercedes decided to allow Verstappen through as well, so that you can get tyres for the end of this grand prix. This is the second mistake at a race for their pit .
So Vettel took command of the Grand Prix as Leclerc was notable with his commitment in , controlled the pace, and had done in the opening phases.
This is an embarrassing position for Ferrari.
It’s very unusual for a team to do a plan that leapfrogs their driver over their very first, which is the reason why it was so controversial, and why Leclerc was unhappy.
But they headed into some one-two that was momentous. And while has been about to wind up in second, he had been.
In terms of performance, did this mark a shift inside Ferrari?
Ultimately, no.
Leclerc is still the faster of the two Ferrari drivers. He could have experienced a hat-trick of wins without Ferrari’s strategy unwittingly favouring the German, and has out-qualified Vettel at the past eight races.
The drawback for Ferrari is that alongside a Vettel, they have an agitated Leclerc. He’s young and hungry, and looking for more wins ones that he believes he’s deserved, at a catchy glamorous and gruelling race.
Mercedes have a circumstance and Valtteri Bottas is number two – maybe not contractually, I am sure, but dictated by performance. It is very clear and that was obvious in Singapore last time out too, where Bottas was utilized to protect Hamilton’s track standing.
Ferrari want their drivers to push each other difficult. Butcritically, they will need to keep it over board – that is threatening to become a problem.
Tensions were raised early in the summer, using a string of suspicious callsthat were at Vettel’s favour. Ferrari requested Leclerc to postpone departure Vettel if he had been considerably quicker in Bahrain, an order Leclerc ignored.
That situation dissipated more. Ferrari’s title hopes faded, so the should ensure one driver maximised his personal points tally has been diminished. And situations that were similar were happening in races.
But then it reared its head when Leclerc failed to give a tow at the conclusion of qualifying in Monza to Vettel, when Vettel had kept by towing Leclerc moments.
Vettel was unhappy. It was discussed behind closed doors. And after that, tensions were high and you might feel a bit of a grudge coming from one side of their garage to another.
Though, with his Monza race being undone by Vettel , this was missed, since Leclerc won holding the attacks of Bottas and Hamilton off.
But the plan of Ferrari has obtained a triumph against Leclerc and handed it to Vettel the shoe is on the other foot, and Leclerc was miserable about it.
For now, it appears Ferrari about get their drivers. As personalities both Vettel and Leclerc are respectful, without the super-egos of several others, and they seem prepared to accept the team comes first.
There are a flash calmed down after the race points this past season, but ultimately equally Leclerc and Vettel, following some remarks in the auto and also played with the team game.
This should help in achieving a team stability that is good, however, there are hints that it might not continue forever.
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